About Us

Restoration Community Outreach (RCO) was founded in 1991 by Betty J. Martin with the purpose of assisting homeless men.  She acquired an old abandoned fire station and with minor renovations opened its doors to serve the homeless in 1991.  Twenty five years later, RCO, continues to service Saginaw and the surrounding areas. 

RCO exists to provide a comprehensive approach to breaking the cycle of homelessness in partnership with other local homeless assistance agencies.  However, RCO is a very unique agency.  We boast an extensive program that is designed to touch every area in life that a homeless person might experience.  We begin by meeting the most basic needs and continue through a process of identifying and correcting behaviors that led to homelessness and devise a plan to avoid future occurrences of homeless episodes.

The unique population that we serve consists of men that are homeless because of drug addictions, disabling physical/mental health illnesses, financial challenges due to the economy, eviction, as well as those that are recently released from incarceration and homeless veterans.  This is a population that is identified as “hard to serve” and therefore very few agencies exist that purposefully and diligently reach out to these men – sometimes in spite of themselves. 

Over 80% of the men that we serve are chronically homeless meaning they have regular episodes of homelessness sin a year span (3 or more occurrences within a one year period).  Our mission is to meet the total need of these men as opposed to simply providing temporary shelter.  We accomplish this goal through a variety of avenues including daily case management, healthy life skill classes, addiction counseling, job placement assistance, and other resources that are designed to move the client back into permanent housing.


Mission Statement

Restoration Community Outreach, Inc.  (RCO) is committed to serving men who are in crisis situations related to RCO’s purpose. These are persons who are chronically homeless, chronically unemployed, and/or suffering from drug abuse, alcoholism, and mental deficiencies. Restoration Community Outreach, Inc.  believes in meeting the needs of the total person. We believe in human dignity and the right of self-determination of every person who comes to us for help. We strive to restore the capacity for self-sufficiency by providing a positive environment that is conducive to growth and rehabilitation.


Letter from the Director

Restoration Community Outreach (RCO) is one of the most unique organizations that I have ever had the pleasure to be apart of. RCO is full of heart and every single person working with the clients has a strong desire to see every man become better in every area of their lives. Our community, sponsors, and donors are all apart of the reason we can do what we do every single day.

Restoration Community Outreach Board of Directors are committed to the growth, sustainability, and accountability of this organization to the Saginaw County community. As the only organization in the Great Lakes Bay Region that is focused on serving only men from all different backgrounds, we strive to provide the resources, access, and education that helps move men from one place in their lives to a greater place.

Through our housing programs, life-skill training, drug and alcohol support groups we hope to renew the spirits of our clients, restore our community, and recreate different mindsets. We appreciate all the support and prayers. Thank you all so much!

- Destiny M. Johnson-Bradford 


Opening Hours

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Mon-Fri: 8:30am - 5:00pm

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Open 24hrs

*Please call before 9 p.m. for intake




1205 Norman St Saginaw, MI 48601


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