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Emergency Shelter

The Background

RCO emergency shelter program provides short-term (up to 90 days) shelter that is accessible 24-hours each day.  The facility can house up to 54 men daily; 30 in the emergency shelter area, 8 in Transitional housing, 10 Veteran Beds, and 6 in the safe haven area.

The critical first step is to provide food, clothing, a safe environment, and an opportunity for personal hygiene to our residents.  These most basic needs are met immediately along with a complete and detailed intake system that identifies why the client is currently experiencing homelessness and the underlying issues that caused them to become homeless.  Each client is assigned to a specific case manager who conducts a thorough interview to identify all areas of need and devise a plan to re-align their direction back towards permanent housing.

Supportive Services


Education & Training

Making a Difference

Housing Support

Doing What’s Needed

Support Services

Tackling the Issue


Making a Difference

Key People

Contact our Emergency Shelter Case Manager


James York

Emergency Shelter Case Manager

Contact: 1 (989)- 753-1886

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